The Couple Who Shops Together, Stays Together:

4 Characteristics of a Good Shopping Bae

Picture this: You are out shopping with your other half, when your eyes land on a graphic tee or maybe a pair of sunglasses that have finally sparked your interest.  You excitedly try it on, and glance at your loving partner for a nod of approval, only to be met with a look that comes […]

5 Items You Need, To Keep The “New Year, New Me” Feeling All Year Long

December 30th, a.k.a. “the day everyone starts thinking about the upgraded version of themselves they will be in the new year”, is the day when expectations run really high for what we should (or should not!) be as of January 1st. Generally, the idea is to be fresher, more focused, and for the fashionable millennial: […]

Top 5 Ways To Survive Shopping On Black Friday

Shopping on Black Friday can be one of the most exciting shopping experiences. What’s more exciting than a ‘BOGO’ sale and a 60% discount on that designer bag you’ve been eyeing for months? But, let’s be honest! These amazing deals have a way of transforming “Cinder-Shopping-Rella” into a mean bargain hunter in the wilds of […]

A Well-Balanced Fashion Diet:

5 Tips on How to Achieve It

The fashion capitals of the world (New York, London, Milan, and Paris) have all wrapped up their Spring/Summer 2020 fashion weeks, having given us a glimpse of what we can expect to find in our closets or on our “Outfit Goals” Pinterest boards next year. The price tag for one of these runway looks can […]

Indra: The “It’s My Wedding Day” Look

It’s been five months since Indra said YES! to, not one but, two wedding dresses by Aruban fashion designer Darwin Winklaar. Looking at these amazing candid shots by Jonathan Petit, I find myself reminiscing about the events that led up to that unforgettable day. Even though we both attended Colegio Arubano as teens, it wasn’t […]

Can’t Figure Out What ‘Cocktail Elegance’ Means? Me Neither! 6 Tips On How To Avoid Dress Code Confusion

It’s a well known fact that party planners have become tremendously “creative” when it comes to defining dress codes. Many potential guests are left scratching their heads as they try to solve the mystery of what is considered appropriate attire for the event. Dress codes have now begun to range from “business casual” and “black-tie” […]

The “ArtFashion 2018” Looks

On Thursday, 4th of October, Theaterstraat, in San Nicolas, was transformed into a runway for ArtFashion. I participated as a stylist, styling looks with newest arrivals from DShop. The Zhuzhed By Ali show focused on the role each of us play in body-shaming our peers and loved ones.  Hair (Otami Thomasia and Simone Keetagay) and […]

5 Tips On How To Be More Stylish in 2018

The day I saw Kuro’s photography in my news feed I thought, “Who is this photographer?” I found his work so beautifully understated and enchanting. I started digging and soon discovered ‘SLV Models’, an up and coming model agency that Kuro had founded at the start of the year. We met soon after for coffee […]

In The Nook with Janiro Eisden

Janiro Eisden is many many things. He is an artist, a writer, a performer, an influencer, a legend. In this chapter of ‘IN THE NOOK’ I get to have a conversation with Janiro, the fashionista! You are invited to sit back and listen in.

6 Tips to Turn Shopping Disasters in Aruba into Successful Retail (-Therapy) Experiences

Shopping in Aruba can be tough. From the inflated prices to the lack of diversity; developing a healthy shopping routine can feel like reinventing the wheel. So much so that many locals have all but given up on the idea of shopping on the island, and instead fly – yes, fly – to Florida, in […]