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Personal Style doesn’t come easily to everyone. Unfortunately, some of us aren’t born with the gene that helps us to express our true selves to the rest of the world. Singers, actors and even supermodels enjoy the luxury of Personal Styling.

Ali makes this possible for business professionals, (up-and-coming) artists, budding fashionistas, and anyone who wants to make a lasting first impression.

Is your closet full but you still find yourself thinking that you have nothing to wear? Do you feel underdressed at work and social events? If so, it may be time for a Closet Overhaul with Ali.

A Closet Overhaul with Ali is like a personal shopping experience in your closet; she puts outfits together in ways that you never thought possible!

All prices for individual services and styling packages are available upon request. Please contact +297 592-9790 or [email protected]