The Couple Who Shops Together, Stays Together:

4 Characteristics of a Good Shopping Bae

Picture this: You are out shopping with your other half, when your eyes land on a graphic tee or maybe a pair of sunglasses that have finally sparked your interest.  You excitedly try it on, and glance at your loving partner for a nod of approval, only to be met with a look that comes really close to someone who has just seen the Angel of Death.

Shopping with your partner or bestie can rank high on the list of pastimes that that feel like well-spent quality time. But this activity can also start to feel more like a trip to the ‘Departamento di Impuesto’ (the tax office) if you’re the type of partner who is constantly giving the thumbs down on your bae’s fashion choices.

Being a good shopping partner requires patience, a healthy amount of communication and support. So in the name of ‘San Valentin’, here are four characteristics of a Shopping Bae that make Vivian and Edward from ‘Pretty Woman’ look like total amateurs in the game of couples who win at shopping together.

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1. They Pay Attention

Is there anything worse than being on a shopping trip with someone who is always wandering off or getting distracted by their phone? No, there is not! Paying attention to your bae’s wish-list and their “I would never buy…” statements is a surefire way to becoming #couplegoals. Aim to be a better shopping bae by being engaged and focusing on the experience of spending quality time with your loved one. 

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2. The Have An Open Mind

It’s possible that you have never seen your dushi in anything shorter than Bermuda shorts, so you might be confused by their sudden interest in ‘poom-poom’ shorts. The trick here is to be supportive and give your partner space to explore their personal style.

3. They Ask Supportive Questions

Once your partner steps out of the fitting room in the above mentioned ‘poom-poom’ shorts, stop and think before you say anything! Put on your poker face, Gaga style, and ask questions like; how do you feel? This may be a vulnerable moment for your partner, you don’t want to kill the mood by making statements that may negatively impact their self-esteem.

4. They Give a Lot Of Compliments

The best shopping partner is one who understands that compliments go a long way in boosting their bae’s confidence. Compliments also keep the energy of the shopping experience light and fun. No one wants to go to the mall with a Debby Downer who spends their time nitpicking over all of your hopes and dreams.  Don’t be like Debbie!

The most important thing to remember is that your honey doesn’t need you to be the reincarnation of Joan Rivers while you shop. Instead,  strive to be a kind and loving shopping bae.

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