6 Tips to Turn Shopping Disasters in Aruba into Successful Retail (-Therapy) Experiences

Shopping in Aruba can be tough. From the inflated prices to the lack of diversity; developing a healthy shopping routine can feel like reinventing the wheel. So much so that many locals have all but given up on the idea of shopping on the island, and instead fly – yes, fly – to Florida, in the hopes of returning with one, two, three or more newly stocked suitcases – a reality, which to me, is truly disappointing.

So while it is true that shopping in Aruba is tough, it’s also far from impossible. Here are a 6 useful tips that may help you to bag a killer outfit without booking a plane ticket:

N.B. All parallels to Dating are completely accidental – OK, maybe not completely….

1. Be Realistic

Don’t obsess about what you want to wear until you see what’s out there. Committing yourself to unrealistic expectations is the easiest way to bring about a full-blown “I Have Nothing to Wear” panic attack.  

2. Strike When The Iron is Hot

If and whenever you find something you like, buy it – regardless of what’s on your events calendar. There’s nothing like the heartbreak inspired by The One That Got Away.

3. Be Adventurous

Try shopping the “Turista Riba Mi Isla” way. Don’t avoid ‘tourist trap-ish’ or souvenir shops – even the kiosks near the Oranjestad cruise terminal. You’ll be surprised by the gems you’ll find – and you may even score a discount! Check out the ones in Palm Beach for more high-end treasures.

4. Try it On

Be open to trying things on! Too many people walk in and out of stores without trying anything on – disappointed because they didn’t find anything. But it just so happens that clothes are not meant to look good on hangers. When in doubt, always try it on.

5. Be Patient

Some real ironclad patience is required to navigate unreasonably packed clothing racks, less than gracious sales staff, and the midday Aruban HEAT, before you can find something that you love. So prepare yourself to give it time and try to enjoy the ride.

6. Get Zhuzhed

Finally, if you are still unconvinced, or aren’t sure you have what it takes to brave it alone just yet, book a Personal Shopping session with me to zhuzh your next trip den caya! Because two heads are always better than one.

Now get out there and stimulate Aruba’s economy. (lol jk….no, but for real, though – do it)!

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