Get Zhuzhed if you are a business professional, (up-and-coming) artist, budding fashionista, or just someone who wants to make a lasting first impression. Ali makes this possible with these styling services and packages:


STYLING SERVICES (Click for Styling Services Brochure)

Virtual Zhuzh

Expert advice from a Certified Personal Stylist is a WhatsApp message away for those moments when you need an unbiased opinion and guidance for a special event before you walk out the door.


Get Zhuzhed For A Day

When first impressions matter the most, you want to be sure that you are presenting the best version of yourself for that Presentation, that Special Event, that All-Important-Business Meeting or that Date with a Special Someone.


Wardrobe Styling is available for editorial features and print, and TV ad campaigns. (Commercial Wardrobe Styling, Photoshoot Wardrobe Styling, On-Set Styling (Photography & TV)


STYLING PACKAGES  (Click for Styling Packages Brochure)


Teach Me How To Zhuzhy!

Not knowing what to buy and what types of clothes suit your body type can make a shopping trip feel like an absolute nightmare instead of retail therapy. With this package you’ll learn how to shop for garments that will enhance your personal style and show off your best assets. (Click to see what is included)


The Zhuzhed By Ali Styling Package

Your style should tell others who you are without you having to say word. But you can send the wrong message by wearing outfits that are not a true representation of who you are and where you want to go in life. With this styling package, Ali will help you to develop your own style while giving you the tools to look your best at all times. (Click to see what is included)


Get Zhuzhed All The Way!

Whether you’ve landed a new job, you’ve achieved a weight loss goal or you’ve recently become single and ready to mingle, strut into this new chapter of your life with jaw-dropping style. This styling package celebrates your achievements and gives you the courage to dress for the life that you want! (Click to see what is included)



Frequently Asked Questions:


What is personal styling? 

Personal Style doesn’t come easily to everyone. Unfortunately, some of us aren’t born with the gene that helps us to express our true selves to the rest of the world. Singers, actors and even supermodels enjoy the luxury of Personal Styling.


What is a closet overhaul? 

Is your closet full but you still find yourself thinking that you have “nothing to wear”? Is your closet overflowing with clothes you’ve had since grade school? Do you feel underdressed at work and social events? If so, it may be time for a Closet Overhaul with Ali. A Closet Overhaul with Ali is like a personal shopping experience, in your closet; she puts outfits together in ways that you never thought possible!


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