It’s hard to say how often I have heard people voice that they don’t dress the way they want to because they are worried or fearful of the stares they may or may not receive from strangers.

Let’s go on a photographic journey behind the scenes of the


Editorial Shoot for Express Magazine: The “I Am Who I Am” Looks


The looks were inspired by individuals who are not afraid of the stares and photographed as a source of inspiration for those who are ready to make a change but are afraid to do so.

“Fashion repeats itself…if you have style you can wear whatever you want, even a black dress with your hair wrapped.” 


“I express my own diversity with style freely, without being concerned about what society says is acceptable.” 

“Style is a vehicle that can give you the ability to explore or experience different times and cultures.” 

“This look makes me feel strong and fierce, like a strong black queen, full of life ready to take on any circumstances.” 

















Behind The Scenes Video:

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