Chris: The “Wow! I Look Good” Look

I met Chris on the set of the music video for Lizemarie, which is a waltz featuring poetry by another client, Rosabelle Illes. Her look was planned a few weeks before the shoot but I was not in control of what Chris would wear.

Chris arrived and I was immediately drawn to his striking green eyes. Yet, I couldn’t help but notice his mismatched outfit; he wore faded black jeans paired with a faded black polo with a white trimmed collar. His look was definitely not fitting with the “taking in the breeze on a Sunday afternoon on an Aruban porch” look I had in mind. But luckily, Chris also had a light blue dress shirt in his car and I politely suggested that he wear that instead,…politely, because I had only met the guy 10 minutes before that.

That was almost a year ago and I have been styling the guitarist extraordinaire, Chris Kross, for high profile performances ever since. On this Saturday afternoon, Chris and I were taking some photos to document his past looks and we started talking about his experience with Zhuzhed By Ali. Press play to listen in!


“There’s a lot of trust there. And… you are like family…you know what I mean?” 


The Look: 

Suit Jacket by Zara Man

Dress Shirt (First Look) by Merona 

Dress Shirt and Tie (Second Look) by Zara Man 

Shoes Chris’s Own



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